How we work

We believe that revitalizing Florida’s economy with homegrown energy will take a coordinated local effort—with doers, thinkers, and supporters in every city and small town.

That’s why we’re working closely with community groups, churches, municipalities, and non-profits of every stripe to build programs and projects that make solar affordable and accessible.

Our principles

FL SUN isn’t your typical non-profit.  We work on both solar project development and policy advocacy, because neither is possible without the other.  We hold a few principles close to our hearts when developing projects and solar policy campaigns including:

Solar should be affordable and accessible—to everyone.

We’re constantly dreaming up new ways to chip away the barriers to solar that have kept it out of the hands of those who need it most—including affordable housing tenants, the middle class, farmers, food pantries, churches.

Competition is good. 

Solar will only be affordable and accessible in Florida when there’s a thriving market with dozens of local companies competing to offer the best service and prices.  We’re consumer advocates—working to ensure that the groups we work with get the best price and the best quality equipment from reputable installers.  By being militantly installer-neutral, we’re building the competition and market our state needs.

Transparency is crucial.

Revitalizing Florida with renewable energy is too big a job for one person or one organization—it’ll take decades of steady work.  So we don’t keep our recipes secret—we share our ideas and project models openly, hoping to inspire others.