Solar policy

florida panels

We’re fighting for solar rights in Florida! Although everyone should have the right to produce their own power, right now there are policies in Florida that prevent people from doing so.

Please sign up for the FL SUN listserv to get involved in solar policies in our state. The listserv is an on-going discussion of solar issues in the state and the go-to place to stay up-to-date. The listserv is made up of all sorts of solar enthusiasts. All are welcome to join!


Stand up to your Homeowners Association 

HOAs are not allowed to prevent a homeowner from installing solar. According to the Florida Solar Rights Act, HOAs are allowed to say where they would like the panels to be placed, as long as the placement does not affect the overall rated performance of a system. So, if the front of your house faces south, you can place your panels there. 

Waive permitting fees in Miami-Dade County

Several Miami-Dade municipalities have waived rooftop solar permitting fees and they expedite permits. If you would like to see the same in your city, please share the ordinances from the City of South Miami and Coral Gables with your commissioners and encourage them to pass similar resolutions.

Encourage your Miami-Dade municipality to join the local solar co-op

The Miami-Dade County Commission and the City of South Miami’s commission passed resolutions to sponsor the local solar co-op. Share these resolutions with your local commissioners and ask that they pass similar resolutions to help sponsor the co-op. This will make it easier for you and your neighbors to save money by going solar.